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news.lists.misc Posting Guidelines

news.lists.misc is a moderated group which is currently moderated by 
Graham Drabble and Russ Allbery. According to the charter written when 
the group was created "this group is for any news-related lists or 
statistics which are not appropriate in any other newsgroup in the 
hierarchy.  Examples of on-topic postings include lists of currently 
valid newsgroups, Usenet readership statistics, and lists of mailing 

If you post any other form of list and think that it might be useful 
then please contact the moderators. The moderators contact address is, the submission address is .

Submission Guidelines

The moderation for this group is based on the model used by news.answers
in which approval is given once at the begining and then you continue to 
post adding your own Approved: header. To get approval send the 
moderators a sample post, we will then review it and, if it's on topic, 
give you approval to post the lists.

Changes to postings

If you make minor changes to the post, for example updating the group 
list or putting in a change of moderator, then you do not have to contact
the moderators for approval each time. However if you make a major 
change, for example a change of poster or adding in new statistics, then 
we would request that you check with us before posting.

Getting this document

This document is available on the web at and is also posted to the group 
every 28 days.